Roland JD-Xi in Warsaw (Poland) – PreSeries no.45

In Pasja Music Shop was recording demo Roland JD-Xi.



Roland JD-Xi – analog & virtual analog synthetizer with analog & digital filters – NEWS!!!!

Roland JD-Xi PortalKlawiszowy

At Winter NAMM Show 2015 Roland will show a new synthesizer. First info:

  • analog synthesis with TRI, SQUARE & SAW waveforms + SUBoscillator PULSE/SQUARE
  • digital analog modeling synthesis from Roland SYSTEM-1
  • analog LPF
  • digital filters from SYSTEM-1
  • vocoder with MIC input
  • TB-303 style sequencer
  • LFO with TRI, SQUARE, SAW & SH waveforms
  • 37 Keys keyboard (mini-keys, keyboard has Velocity)
  • 2-part digital synthesis, 1-part analog synthesis, 1-part Vocoder

Roland JD-Xi PortalKlawiszowy

Roland JD-Xi PortalKlawiszowy

Roland JD-Xi PortalKlawiszowyPhotos: Daisuke Asakura